Wildlife Nation: The adventurous journey of exploring North America's endangered species

Wildlife Nation with Jeff Corwin is a show that's teamed up with Defenders of Wildlife to travel coast to coast exploring and doing their part to help save North America's endangered species.

"Basically every episode is an adventure that is just filled with special moments and surprises," said Jeff Corwin, wildlife biologist and host of Wildlife Nation. "Our mission is to explore, discover and share our incredible natural heritage. This is a way to escape. This is meaningful escape. We have this beautiful national backyard, which we all share together."

This weekend the team takes an in-depth look at the California condors and the challenges the magnificent birds face, such as lead poisoning. Corwin tells the incredible story of how the condors, who have been on the US endangered species list since 1967, are being saved. The birds have a long way to go, but it is a story of hope.

From elephant seals to sparrows and bears, Wildlife Nation is on a mission to help raise awareness and inspire people to get involved in protecting endangered animals.

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