High winds can cause severe allergic reactions

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (KABC) -- The high winds have kicked up pollen into the air in Canyon Country and residents say it's caused them to wake up with severe allergic reactions.

A 6-month-old infant, Abigail Nicolle, woke up with rashes and red welts all over her body. Her mom, Christina Nicolle, said you can see the raised bumps on her legs, her back and chest.

Across the hall from Abigail at the Allergy & Asthma Relief Experts practice in Santa Clarita, Gabriel Bibby showed doctors the hives that appeared on his upper body.

Bibby underwent a skin test to find out if what he's allergic to is "blowing in the wind."

"Sometimes the winds carry dust," Bibby said. "Especially if it's coming from the east and north or from the deserts."

Dr. Jacob Offenberger finds that numerous patient allergy skin tests have revealed spring is in the air again.

"Patients are suffering out of season allergies because these pollens are sitting on the ground from the early spring and there hasn't been enough rain to clear it up," said Offenberger.

The first thing experts recommend is to find out what's causing your allergic reactions.
Bibby is allergic to tree pollen, grass and dust.

Dr. Offenberger told him he lives in an area where there is a lot of pollen and a lot of wind, and that's why he's suffering.

His advice to everyone is to stay indoors if you can, or at least cover up your nose and mouth if you have to be out.

For those already taking medication, it is critical to keep it around, Offenberger said.

He also reminds asthma sufferers to always have their rescue inhalers on them because you never know how the wind is going to behave.

People with high blood pressure need to be extra cautious as some ace inhibitors medications can cause throat swelling. So to be safe, Dr. Offenberger said to talk to a doctor about changing blood pressure drugs, especially if you're suffering from allergic reactions.
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