97-year-old Woolsey Fire victim loses everything but her dog Maggie, says they have nowhere to go

WINNETKA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A 97-year-old woman and her dog Maggie survived the deadly Woolsey Fire, but they lost everything else and are looking for a place to go.

Ruth Cook no longer has her home, her clothes and even her hearing aids.

"I had a nice house, everything," she cried. "It's all gone now."

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The Red Cross shelter at Pierce College is home now, but it's temporary. Cook's only family is a brother in Texas.

"I have a brother in Houston, but I don't think he's wants me," Cook shared.

Finding Cook a place is complicated because of Maggie. A lot of places won't take pets.

The Red Cross and neighbors, who are also homeless, are now scrambling to help.

"The Archdiocese of Los Angeles said they were going to come down, two rabbis are coming down, so I made some calls, put my foot on the ground, and we'll see if we can take her from ground zero to beautiful surroundings," said evacuee Ari Alexemburg.

Cook can't hear what's going on -- she's not even sure where she is -- but she knows people care and are trying to help find her a place, one that includes a warm spot for her Maggie, too.
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