84-year-old League City powerlifter inspiring people decades younger than him

LEAGUE CITY, Texas -- John McVeigh first got into lifting weights after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 60s. Now the 84-year-old is shattering records as a powerlifter, able to deadlift 300 pounds without breaking a sweat.

"He doesn't brag about it. He won't talk about it. He just comes in here and does his work," Warehouse Gym owner Zach McVey said.

McVeigh hopes to keep competing on the biggest stages.

"At my age, there are very few people I grew up with that are even still around, much less can do anything. I can still do almost as much as I could when I was 50. It allows you to overcome obstacles because you're physically able to do it. You can't think about it, you've got to be doing it," McVeigh said.