Zach Braff returns to TV with new comedy 'Alex, Inc.'

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Thursday, March 29, 2018
Zach Braff returns to TV with new comedy 'Alex, Inc.'
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Actor Zach Braff plays a man who scrubs his old career to start a venture in the world of podcasting in the new ABC sitcom "Alex, Inc."

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Actor Zach Braff wasn't looking to return to broadcast television, but when he was approached to star in the sitcom "Alex, Inc.," he was intrigued.

The show is based on a true story about a man who leaves his successful career to start a podcast.

"I just listened to the podcast and loved it," said Braff. "I thought, 'I see it, I get it! I think that would be a lot of fun to do. I can see how this is something I would love doing every day.'"

"Alex" is married, and his wife, played by Tiya Sircar, is doing her best to be a supportive spouse. "It's about finding a balance," said Sircar.

"But she also calls him out!" said Braff. "One of the things we took from the podcast is, in the real story, his wife was incredibly strong and would be incredibly blunt with him."

The new venture has the couple engage in a bit of role reversal. He has been the primary caregiver to their kids. Now, she needs to pitch in more.

"All of a sudden because he's taken on this new venture that's taken over his life, my character is trying to re-learn, or learn, these normal, everyday parenting things," said Sircar. "Like having to bathe these children every day. And she's like every single day?"

"Alex, Inc." airs Wednesday nights on ABC7.