Cicada crawls up reporter's neck on live television

The reporter continued his live shot with the cicada on his neck.
WASHINGTON (KABC) -- Cicadas, a species of bug that are emerging in droves after spending 17 years underground, are having a moment in the spotlight.

While preparing for a live shot, a cicada landed on CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju's chest. The insect eventually crawled up his neck while Raju was filming.

"Oh! Oh God," Raju said as he attempted to remove the bug from his neck.

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AccuWeather meteorologist Reed Timmer reports on cicada emergence in Ivylog, Georgia.

Billions of these "Brood X" periodical cicadas have emerged in 15 states across the East Coast and Midwest. Unlike periodical cicadas, which emerge each year, periodical cicadas live most of their lives underground, according to National Geographic.
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