Road rage suspect apprehended in Las Vegas weeks after victim shot in North Hills, LAPD says

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A man has been arrested in Las Vegas for his involvement in two road-rage incidents in Los Angeles County, including one in which he allegedly shot another man, the Los Angeles Police Department announced Tuesday.

David Phouanesavath was taken into custody after being located by a joint FBI-LAPD task force, police said in a statement.

According to investigators, an anonymous victim contacted LAPD detectives after a description of Phouanesavath and surveillance video of his vehicle were released at a televised news conference on April 22. The tipster reported being the victim of an incident in which "the suspect brandished a firearm during a road rage incident that occurred in northern Los Angeles County," the news release said.

The victim photographed Phouanesavath's vehicle and wrote down the license plate number, authorities said, adding that the suspect and description of the vehicle matched those in a March 25 shooting.

Phouanesavath was located on April 26 by the FBI-LAPD task force.

"An attempt to stop the suspect resulted in a high-speed pursuit where the suspect eluded capture," the police statement said. According to the LAPD, Phouanesavath was later tracked down in Las Vegas, where an FBI SWAT team convinced him to surrender.
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