'After the Tone' by Orange County couple offers a new twist on a wedding guestbook

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Friday, April 2, 2021
'After the Tone' offers a new twist on a wedding guestbook
An Orange County couple created a new way to do a wedding guestbook and keep lasting memories forever.

RANCHO MISSION VIEJO -- When videographer Jacob Yackley, and his wife Bailey were planning their wedding, they were trying to think of a fresh, new way to do a wedding guestbook. This is how After The Tone was born. The phone has always played an important role in Baileys life. From talking regularly to her grandfather out of state, to her Argentinian grandparents getting married over the phone, she has always had a connection to the telephone. So they decided at their wedding to setup a telephone where guests can leave voice messages instead of signing a guestbook. The response from their guests was phenomenal.

"After The Tone was created out of the desire to extend the experience we had at our wedding to everybody else," said Jacob.

Clients then have the option of pressing all the event voicemails onto a vinyl record as a vintage keepsake.

Max and Chanel Stiegler from Encino were thrilled by the experience.

"I cant believe how many of our guests used it. And now we have so many special voices that we can listen to," said Max.

After the Tone does not just stop at weddings, they can cover any event, and in any place. They have packages they can mail to out-of-state clients, so they too can share the experience no matter where.

"I think we definitely thought it was more of a niche thing," says Bailey. "And now its kind of exploded too, I think, being relatable to really anybody. Because everybody uses the phone and everybody has people they want to connect with."

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