Airbnb partners with NAACP to encourage people of color to rent out homes, rooms for extra cash

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Airbnb teamed up with the NAACP to encourage more people of color to use the service and their homes to earn extra income.

"It has worked out great - better than expected. It's met all expectations. I've had excellent tenants," homeowner Ward Wesley said. "The extra money has been very tremendous."

That is how Wesley feels about using Airbnb to rent out a room of his home in Watts for the last four years.

NAACP officials said they will do outreach to homeowners in African American neighborhoods in Los Angeles, letting them know they can take advantage of signing up with Airbnb to rent out their homes or rooms.

"The goal of this partnership is really to ensure that communities of color understand that this is an economic opportunity for them to earn additional money that supports them and their families, as well as their broader community," said Janeye Ingram, with Airbnb.

Officials said the partnership is a financial win-win for them and for African American homeowners.

"Anyone that we help get signed up, 20 percent of the receipts that they might receive is coming directly to the NAACP to support its programs," said Marvin Owens, with NAACP.

Airbnb partnered with the NAACP in Miami a month ago and the home-sharing business plans to reach out to homeowners in African American communities in other cities as well.
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