'Alaska Daily' star Grace Dove proud to bring topic of missing indigenous women to TV

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Friday, November 18, 2022
'Alaska Daily's' Grace Dove's heartfelt work on and off screen
Grace Dove on the ABC drama "Alaska Daily" plays an investigative journalist who examines the real-life crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women.

Grace Dove is part of the ensemble cast of the ABC drama "Alaska Daily." She plays an investigative journalist who examines the real-life crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women.

Dove takes this under-reported story personally.

"Missing and murdered indigenous women, the epidemic is so relevant in my life, my family's life, and my community," said Dove.

The actress is proud to shine a light on a long-running tragedy facing the Native American community.

"It shows indigenous people in a modern world and it shows how smart, how intelligent, and how we are all fighting for the same cause for humanity," said Dove.

Dove says she is inspired to be able to work alongside Oscar winners Hilary Swank and Tom McCarthy.

"To finally be not only fulfilling my dream as an actor but to represent such a strong girl and to be working alongside Academy Award winners - it doesn't really get better."

She's been a working actor for more than a decade, including a high-profile role in the 2015 Oscar winning film "The Revenant."

Dove says she made a conscious decision early on to reject roles she was offered that pandered to Native American stereotypes.

"I made the bold choice to say no," said Dove. "I honor and appreciate everyone for following their own journey but for me, as an indigenous woman, my portrayal is very important. I have to do diligence to my ancestors who fought too hard for me to play a stereotype. I'm really proud of what I'm doing, and that's why I'm so particular about roles and why I will fight every step of the way, every word I say every role I take, everything I put on my hair, my face, my clothes, everything matters."

Dove says she initially became an actor for self-expression. But after a few roles she realized there was more that came along with her on camera work.

"I am officially a role model for some young girls and young boys who see someone that looks like them," said Dove. "At first it was terrifying... that's not what I asked for! But that's what I've embraced and I'm very grateful because I realized my work is so much bigger than me."

"Alaska Daily" airs Thursdays on ABC.