Long Island's All American Drive-In has been flipping burgers since 1963

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Monday, November 18, 2019
Step back in time with a visit to this classic drive-in on Long Island
All American Hamburger Drive-In has been providing your community with delectable burgers, fries, and other all-American food since 1963.

MASSAPEQUA, New York -- For over 50 years, the All American Drive-In has been a staple on Long Island for hungry customers visiting from across the country.

This classic spot is best known for its quarter pounder with cheese and freshly peeled French fries.

"It's been a lot of work, a lot of family members are here still to this day helping out," said manager Rich Vultaggio. "It is nostalgic and people like that, the old fashioned neon lights, we haven't changed anything really in 55 years."

In addition to their beloved quarter pounder with cheese, you can also order from the menu, hotdogs, onion rings, and even a classic grilled cheese to name a few.

Not only is All American known for their affordably priced meals, but their thick shakes as well.

You can order vanilla, chocolate or strawberry to pair perfectly with your hot off the grill burger or freshly cut fries.

"We've been coming here since I was in high school and now I work as a photographer down the block and we always make sure we stop here to keep our tradition and get All American," said customer Vincent Cavalone. "It's a great little place to stop if you're on the island and you want to try something local to Long Island."

When you are looking for the best burgers in town, visit All American Hamburger Drive-In!


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