Murrieta restaurant offers free meal, helping hand to those in need

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Friday, November 13, 2020
Murrieta restaurant offers free meals to those in need
"We just feed them." If you're hungry and don't have money, don't worry. At Mitra's in Murrieta, they'll give you a meal.

MURRIETA, Calif. (KABC) -- Max Khazaeian owns Mitra's cafe in Murrieta, specializing in Persian kabobs. Good food for a good price - and for some that price is free.

Outside Mitra's you'll find a sign letting people know if you're hungry and don't have money, don't worry. Here, they'll feed you.

"A mom came with her three kids here, and she said she didn't have money, I gave them four plates, they were really happy, yeah," said Khazaeian.

Some days nearly a dozen people will take him up on the offer. He's been doing it for nearly a year.

It actually began as an idea to help people during the holidays last year.

Then came the coronavirus pandemic.

Khazaeian brought back the sign, knowing even more people needed help.

"They lost their job and they don't have any money, so whoever comes in and say they don't have money we just feed them," said Khazaeian.

Max is doing it not only to help those who are struggling; he gets something out of it for himself as well.

"It makes me really happy inside," said Khazaeian. "I can at least help a little bit for the community."