American Idol 2021: Alyssa Wray, Beane and other memorable moments from the week 4 auditions

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NEW YORK -- Sunday's final audition is the one that left many people talking and the judges standing in awe.

Alyssa Wray is an 18-year-old singer from a small Kentucky town who blew away the judges.

"You just saw Beyonce get born," Luke Bryan said.

Katy Perry called Alyssa a "once in a generation" type performer.

Alyssa emerged as the new "one to beat" with her performance "I Am Changing" for her audition.

She stands 6-foot-2 with a vibrant-style and a booming voice. Her presence awed the judges as much as her singing.

"The most challenging thing in entertainment is to have a presence," Luke said.

After her performance, Alyssa said she was surprised and relieved by the judge's standing ovation.

"The minute they stood up was like all the worries just faded away," she said.

Another riveting performance came from 15-year-old New Yorker, Laila Mach. She said she was inspired by Season 16 Idol contestant Gabby Barrett when she penned a piano ballad about an ex-beau.

Her song was much angrier than Gabby's post-breakup revenge song, but Katy Perry liked it.

"You're exactly what it takes to be in this competition and go far," she said.

Ash Rudder brought tears to everyone's eyes with her original song about her relationship with her addict father, Bryan, who accompanied her on the audition.

Lionel Richie declared Beane "the new modern-day Mister Rogers" after a performance fit for a Broadway show.

"You are a walking pocketful of sunshine," Katy Perry said.

Caleb Kennedy is only 16 but has the voice of a well-traveled man. He writes his own songs and showed lots of potential.

"I wanna be a legend. I wanna be someone who changed country music," he said.

Phillip Murphy, who goes simply by Murphy, is unlike any other artist who has appeared on Idol. He was born half-blind, lost both parents at a young age, and spent 3 years traveling the country singing and writing songs.

He won over Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan with his performance of an original song, "The Painted Man."

Other contestants earning a Golden Ticket to Hollywood: Michael Gerow, Abby LeBaron, Cameron McGhar, Re'h, and Heather Russell.

The final week of auditions will air Sunday night on ABC, and then it's off to Hollywood!
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