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Bringing smiles to autistic kids' faces

Cool Kid Christopher Truman
May 1, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Our Cool Kid Christopher Truman is combining his talents in theatre and a personal involvement with autistic children. His production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" is making money for the organization, Friends of Angels."What we're raising money for right now, every summer they put on a camp -- it's a weekend-long camp where they take the kids and teach the parents how to deal with their kids," said Christopher. "So speakers come up and tell them about all the new treatments for the kids."

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Christopher has grown up watching his brother deal with autism. He saw this project as a way to teach his fellow Scouts what he has discovered about these special kids.

"They had no idea what it was about, and I got to see each one of them learn what autism was. And they're like, they thought they were weird kids. I thought a lot of the ones were kind of crazy, they guys that would yell, the guys that would bite," said Christopher. "Then they found out there was such a loving hear inside each one of them."

The good people of Encore Entertainers have helped Christopher bring his vision to life. At the same time, he brings qualities that are exceptional.

"He's not the kid who's the center, making all the jokes, cracking everybody up and kind of, you know, the ringleader," said Summer Cacciagioni, the artistic director for Encore Entertainers. "But I think he's just got this quiet reserve of strength that's really neat. And when he leads, people listen."

Having acted for much of his life, this production has special meaning for Christopher.

"I've always wanted to start theater, but this just such a more meaningful thing for me. When I started producing the show, it felt like... Well, why just do a show when you can actually help people? Because making some money of ticket sales is nothing if you can actually bring a smile to one of these kids' faces," said Christopher.

Turning the world of make-believe into real life help, he is our Cool Kid, Christopher Truman.

Know a deserving young adult who should be one of the ABC7 Cool Kids? Share their story and nominate someone today.


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