Add-on diesel tanks for pickup trucks

CORONA "Usually on the weekends there is a lot of Mexicans, but now, these days, I think because of the gas, there is more and more Americans here," said Tijuana customer Nicolas Sotelo.

For regular-unleaded, customers at a Pemex gas station say that if it cost them $60 in Southern California to fill up, in Tijuana it costs $40. And for diesel fuel, the savings are even greater.

Corona, Calif., is the home of Aero Tanks Enterprises. The company has been very busy for the last several months. The company specializes in high-capacity diesel-fuel tanks for pickup trucks.

"Over the last few months, about 50 percent more people have been coming up to increase their fuel capacity so they can save on the prices down in Mexico, and also travel farther," said Jake Selders, Aero Tanks Enterprises.

John Watanabe is from San Diego. He has a house in Mexico that he visits several times a year. He put in a bigger diesel fuel tank into his pickup truck.

"Just over $2 a gallon for diesel down there, so it's significant savings. This will pay for itself after four or five trips," said Watanabe.

If you're wondering how safe it is to basically double the fuel capacity of your pickup truck, according to the designer and the owner of Aero Tanks: Not to worry.

"All the tanks are DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation), they're all approved. They are a safe product, they're baffled, they have drain plugs in them, which most of your factory stuff doesn't have," said Selders.

And if the prices of gas and diesel continue to go up, the trend could be more and more people going south. A nice perk in Tijuana: It's full-service.


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