Caped Crusader returns to the big screen

LOS ANGELES The film premiered in New York City Monday night and will open in theaters on Friday.

Christian Bale returns for his second time as the "Caped Crusader". He is very frank about the film's big budget and its pricey special effects.

"The fact is the special effects, the resources, they're wonderful. But if there isn't a good story behind it, who gives a damn, you know?" said Bale.

Aaron Eckhart plays Gotham City's District Attorney, who also has a dark side.

"I have to say I enjoyed playing both roles. I really liked being in the courtroom and having the relationship, my relationship with Bruce Wayne and all that sort of stuff. That was fun to play as well as Two-Face," said Eckhart.

Gary Oldman, who has played his fair share of darker characters, returns as one of the good guys.

"The first one was so terrific. It was great to work on the first one and, you know, made a lot of friends. So, it was nice to come back. It's kind of like coming back to a family," said Oldman. is reporting early ticket sales for "The Dark Knight" are already through the roof. Over 700 performances of the film are already sold out.

In our exclusive Eyewitness News Poll, done by Survey USA, 16 percent of those surveyed said they would see the movie during the opening weekend. Twenty-six percent said they would wait. Thirty-one percent said they would see the movie on DVD.


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