Temecula winery wins top honors

TEMECULA, Calif. "I think we're all very, very excited around here. Ultimately, it's really something that is validating. Not only what we're doing here at South Coast, but I think the Temecula Valley. It's sort of proving that, as a wine region, we are growing great grapes and we are making good wines," said South Coast Winery Master Winemaker Jon McPherson.

To produce award-winning wines, it takes mature, well cared for vineyards and experienced, knowledgeable wine makers.

"The history of Southern California wineries has really changed. And so I just think it is a nice thing to sort of show that we are still doing it," said McPherson.

Many of the larger wineries in the Temecula Valley, like South Coast, operate fine restaurants and spas. As the number of wineries in California grow, so does the importance of the industry to the state's economy.

"It's about a $20 billion industry in the state. There's, I think, just looking at the statistics, there's about 2,700 wineries and there's about 4,600 grape growers. And, between the wineries and the growers, you wind up with the economy of California impacted to the tune of $20 billion," said McPherson.

This is the first time a Southern California operation was judged the best in the state.

South Coast Winery reached this lofty level in California wine making in five short years of production.

Chardonnay is their best seller.

South Coast Winery Resort and Spa


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