Mothers plea for their kids' safe return

LOS ANGELES Three boys who were abducted by their own fathers are on watch lists at every border crossing and airport in the nation.

Police say 12-year-old Alex and 8-year-old Zaven were taken by their father, George Silah.

"First I would like to talk to my children Alex and Zaven: I miss you guys so much. I love you honey," said Alex and Zaven's mom, Zannie Meguerian.

They disappeared July 2 with 10-year-old Greg and his father John Silah.

At a tearful news conference, Greg's mom, Christine Jeanbart, sent a heartfelt message to her son.

"Greg, this is mommy here. And I miss you. I'm going to come and find you. I'm going to bring you back home," said Jeanbart.

Both of the men have shadowy backgrounds. They skipped out on their lease at a Westchester rental home, leaving documents behind in a shredder indicating they may be travelling with fake IDs.

"They are perfectly capable of doing some scam-related things and likely some counterfeit-related items too," said Lt. Richard Mossler, LAPD.

Glendale Police report the men stole the car used in their getaway. It is a silver Infinity G35, plate number 6DZS016.

"We are hopeful that they will make a mistake and slip up. We hope to find the car and the kids," said Lt. Mossler.

They may be travelling with George's girlfriend Gayenne. The men are now officially fugitives, each wanted on three counts of child abduction.

"Stay strong and make sure you pray every night. Be patient. I'm coming to get you and take you back home where you belong. I love you," said Jeanbart.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to the LAPD at (877) LAW-FULL (529-3855).


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