Stagnant pools pose danger to kids

RIALTO, Calif. There are about 800 foreclosed homes in Rialto, with about 200 set to face the same fate. Many of those homes have unattended pools that may be stagnant and green.

A number of fire agencies and the organization "Safe Kids" held a briefing Thursday, outlining their concerns about stagnant pools, which may pose a danger to children.

"One of the main things is with these pools that are unsecured, and have the potential to turn green, is that we keep -- we get an eye on them ... and help from the community to do that," said Matt Payne, Rialto Fire Department. "This is a potential risk out there. Fortunately, there hasn't been an incident for a response for a pool like that yet. However, we want to get that information out there."

Inland cities are reacting quickly to reports of neglected pools.

"The officer responds and evaluates the situation at the property, and they are very firm at securing the property and contacting the owner ... and advising them to place chemicals in the pool. Or taking immediate action in abating the pool and draining it," said Code Enforcement Officer Dave Hernandez.

Officials say finding the current owners of vacant property is a problem but cities are becoming proactive in the matter.

If you are aware of any green and stagnant pools in your neighborhood, you should call your local code or law enforcement.


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