Fox found roaming Norwalk neighborhood

NORWALK "He's not up for adoption ... Although, we would probably get a pretty penny for him if we wanted to adopt him out," said Captain Aaron Reyes, Southeast Area Animal Control Authority.

The fox is as cute as they come. He weighs just under 20 pounds and is about a year old.

"He's scared -- that's obvious -- but he's not terrified like a normal wild animal being caught would be," said Captain Reyes.

The fox may be docile, but he still is a wild animal. He is, in fact, a California gray fox. Authorities say someone in Norwalk had been keeping him as a pet.

A Norwalk resident found the fox on her retaining wall in her back yard. She called Animal Control.

Officer Jaime Preciado said when he realized he was dealing with a fox, he was expecting a different kind of confrontation.

"Other foxes are normally mean: growling, snarling. If you get close enough, they might try to bite you. But, that wasn't the case with this one here. Very nice, very sweet. Once I got him back here to the shelter, able to pet him, stroke his back, his tail," said Officer Jaime Preciado, Southeast Area Animal Control Authority

No matter how friendly the wild animal, it can be dangerous. In addition, it is illegal to have a wild animal as a pet in California.

Animal Control officials hope the owners of the fox will come forward.

"We'd like to get a little bit of background on the fox. And also give the family the opportunity to come down and see him before he goes to a rehab center," said Captain Reyes.


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