Body of missing Hemet man found?

RIVERSIDE, Calif. The gruesome discovery was made in San Diego this weekend.

The 39-year-old suspect, Jeffrey Brooks, is being held in Riverside. Brooks was a close friend and was often a caregiver for the missing Hemet man.

Brooks's arraignment was continued on two occasions.

This time, authorities feel they have a much stronger case to file since they believe that the body that was found last weekend in San Diego was the body of the missing man.

Edward Clayton Andrews, 80, was reported missing from his Hemet home on May 31. Riverside County Sheriff's Department began an intense investigation.

Photos of a suspect were released from ATMs of someone using Andrews's bank card. That person removed over $130,000.

Last month in San Diego, Thomas Jeffrey Brooks was arrested and charged with Andrews' murder. A body had not yet been found.

On Friday, a resident in San Diego was attempting to break up a concrete cocoon-like structure that he said Brooks had left on his property.

"When the residents in San Diego saw this egg-shaped concrete figure, they figured that their landscaper, which was the suspect, had made for them. They didn't like it. They began to destroy it. As they began to tear away the concrete and the wire, they noticed - in the center - there was wrapped in plastic ... and they came upon the body," said a spokesperson from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities are convinced the remains are those of Andrews. Authorities believe the victim had died from asphyxiation. They are awaiting DNA confirmation.

Andrews' daughter and her husband moved to California recently to look after Edward.

"Detective Duffy came and talked to us. He called me Sunday. We were in Phoenix visiting our kids. And he came ... he called and told me that he thought that's who it was," said Andrews' daughter. "These people are sick individuals out there that are taking ... you know, these are poor innocent people. And, it's not just children anymore. It's older people. And it's not right. They have a right to live their life out."

If convicted Thomas Brooks could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Due to the special circumstances, it may be considered a death penalty case.

Brooks will be arraigned on the Sept. 24.


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