Seven diet mistakes revealed

"I think the number one worst mistake women do is to go on a diet, because diets don't work! And you end up feeling worse about yourself," says Tribole.

Tribole says you might lose temporarily, but when weight comes back on we feel like failures.

"I would lose like two pounds and all of a sudden I would just gain it back," says Jennifer Cruz, dieter.

Substituting energy bars and drinks over good food is another mistake.

"More and more studies keep on showing: fruits and vegetables are so incredibly healthy. But you know what? It's not sexy, it's kind of boring and yet that's one of the best things you can do for your body," says Tribole.

Along with real food, you need to know the fat facts. Trans fat and saturated fat are fats to avoid, while mono and poly-unsaturates get the thumbs up. Omega-3 fatty acids are even better for weight loss.

"Besides helping your mood, and your blood pressure, and your heart, there's some fascinating research coming out showing that it actually really might help us with our weight," says Tribole.

In a study where participants exercised and ate the same amount, the one group taking omega-3 fatty acids, through fish oil, lost more body fat. It is not a cure-all, but it is promising.

"I did the short meals stuff, and it did work a little bit, but no I couldn't handle it at all," says dieter Cruz.

Not eating enough food is another diet mistake. Skipping breakfast, having frozen yogurt for lunch and a freezer meal for dinner rarely satisfies.

In addition, watch out for coffee drinks, alcohol or chocolate as a constant pick me up. All are wonderful as treats rather than everyday routine.

We all probably know at least one person who is always counting her carbohydrates, but has no concern for calories.

"And here's what's sad about that: if you don't get enough carbs, it really affects your mood, it affects your energy ... And guess what? Who feels like exercising when you don't have fuel? You can't get your car up a mountain if there's no gas in it," says Tribole.

Finally if you could make just one change, try to listen to what your body really wants.

"You need to be the expert of your own body, not some diet plan ... not some rule book. It's like am I hungry, am I full, what tastes good, what's satisfying for me, what do I need? That's what women need to do," says Tribole.

Experts say unrealistic goals will doom most any weight loss plan. If you set the bar too high, you may get frustrated and quit. Instead, set a reasonable goal to meet within a reasonable amount of time.


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