Quiz yourself on your favorite foods

Do you have any idea how big your dinner plate should be? Research shows that bigger plates mean bigger portions, so a 9-inch plate is your best bet.

Most of us don't bring along a tape measure to a restaurant, so eat about half of what is served on that colossal plate. Here are a few more questions to see if you're up on your food facts.

The one food Americans get the most calories from their diet is soda pop. A typical 20-ounce bottle serves up 250 calories.

How long would it take you to walk this bottle off? 40 minutes? 50 minutes? One hour 18 minutes? Or an hour and a half?

The answer: an hour and 18 minutes. That's quite a stroll.

When it comes to breakfast which has the most calories? An English muffin with ham, cheese, and egg; one oat bran muffin; yogurt, berries and granola; or oatmeal with maple syrup and brown sugar?

Surprisingly, it's the muffin. While store brands vary in fat and calories, many contain about 450 calories. Some commercial brands made with trans fat is also bad for your heart.

Which of these snacks serve up the most calories? 1 ounce of veggie chips, a quarter cup of trail mix, 30 chocolate-covered raisins, or a 1/2 cup cookie dough ice cream?

It's those veggie chips that contain the most. Potatoes or vegetables, if you slice them up and fry them, they hold a lot of oil.

For women who work out three times a week or more for at least a half hour, how many calories should they take in daily?

1500, 1800 or 2000 calories?

Answer: Researchers suggest 2000, although most weight-watching gals are eating far less. If weight loss is the goal, try cutting 250 from the diet and bumping up the exercise an additional 250 to lose a pound a week.

Americans average about 460 calories a day from beverages alone. Those beverages include coffee drinks, smoothies, sodas and teas. How many calories should we be getting from liquids?

340, 200, or 180 calories?

Answer: 200, if you eat the recommend 2000 calories a day. Experts suggest we get just 10 percent of our daily calories form liquids since we don't seem to recognize our drinks contain calories.


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