Heather Locklear arrested for DUI

MONTECITO, Calif. According to a CHP report, Heather Locklear appeared disoriented and, at one point, stumbled into a traffic lane. That was when a concerned citizen called 911.

The 911 caller said Locklear was in a parking lot in Montecito driving erratically. The report stated that Locklear repeatedly ran over her sunglasses and kept revving the engine. Locklear then left the parking lot and ended up at the corner of Live Oaks Rd. and East Valley Road, blocking a lane of traffic.

"She appeared disoriented. She was unable to answer some simple questions ... 'Where are you coming from? Where are you going to?' She wasn't real clear on where she was coming from or where she was going to. When the officer followed up on those questions, she would provide a different answer," said Lt. Dane Lobb, California Highway Patrol.

Locklear allegedly had trouble standing up on her own while being questioned. She was taken to the CHP office, where officials ruled out alcohol but concluded she was under the influence of some type of a controlled substance.

"All the prescription medications that would affect your ability to drive, they have a warning label on them. And we would encourage people to heed the warning label," said Lt. Lobb.

The 47-year-old actress has been on a number of TV shows, including "Dynasty," "Melrose Place," "T.J. Hooker" and "Spin City." Last year she divorced her husband Richie Sambora after 11 years of marriage. Earlier this year she checked herself into a clinic to be treated for anxiety and depression.

"We're waiting for the toxicology results to be ready in about two to three weeks. They'll be sent to the District Attorney's office, they'll make a review of the case. At the conclusion, they will make a determination if charges are appropriate," said Lt. Lobb.

Locklear was in jail for only a few hours. She was released on her own recognizance late Saturday night. So far there is no statement from Locklear's attorney or her publicist.


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