City employee discovers body in Laguna

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. The body was discovered around 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday near the city public works facility off of Laguna Canyon Road.

Investigators made molds of shoe prints found next to the body of the unidentified man.

"It's a male, either a Caucasian or Hispanic. He appears to be in 20s or 30s," said Sergeant Jason Kravetz, Laguna Beach Police Department.

So far, police don't know how the man died, but they are calling his death suspicious.

Police say they found some blood found on or near the body. They then called investigators with the coroner's office.

"There's also the chance this person passed away somewhere else and was dropped off here," said Sgt. Kravetz.

The parking area next to where the body was found can be busy. The lot is open 24 hours and the city facility has vehicles coming and going at all hours. The area is also just around the corner from a day laborer center.

"Laguna Canyon Road is the main entryway into Laguna Beach. Most people coming from other cities, or surrounding areas, will take the 133 canyon road into the Laguna Beach area. So it's probably one of the more highly trafficked areas in Laguna Beach," said Melissa Sciacca, who works in the area.

Although authorities don't believe the victim was homeless, police say homeless people will sometimes sleep in the canyon. So far, police are calling the death a mystery.

"Very, very sad. I would hate to think that that would happen in this community, because this community is really pristine," said Babette Altman, a Laguna Beach visitor.


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