Anti-prop 8 vandals hit Alta Loma home

ALTA LOMA "It was kind of a shock, and then our neighbors started coming out and they saw it" said Taylor

The words "love for all," "no on 8" and "equal rights were sprayed on three sides of her trailer. Taylor thinks the only reason she was targeted was because of the "Yes on 8" sign in her front yard.

"It's hard to understand why these things happen," said Taylor. "You have a little sign expressing your opinion about something and to have that response was a little shocking."

And Taylor is not alone. Several people who are against the proposition say they have been victims of Vandalism.

As the elections draw neared vandalism and sign theft has become an epidemic across the nation.

Taylor says she now has to move her sign inside at night. Neighbors said it's sad it has come down to this.

"I am for freedom of speech and I think we have the right, but not to go vandalize," said Taylor's neighbor Al Marino. "That is what the courts are for."

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