Law enforcement agencies hold an auction

RIVERSIDE The quarterly auction sale of seized and general forfeited property was held in Riverside Wednesday. The auctioneer moves properties seized by a number of law enforcement agencies.

"All kinds of different agencies are under the U.S. Department of Treasury. The seized properties come from the IRS, Secret Service, and ICE as well," said Diana Walsh, auction official.

The property includes cars, electronic equipment and kitchen equipment. According to some buyers the Treasury should do well.

"To me it seemed like everything was going at top dollar," said Garrett Sam, a buyer.

There were veteran bidders at the auction and some newcomers. Genavieve Brock bought a gun safe as a Christmas gift. It is in Texas.

"I just found this ought. Once the auction is over and they notify them that the item is sold I am going to be accruing storage fees. So I need to hurry up and move on it, because I didn't know all of this stuff. I am learning," said Brock.

A lot of successful bidders will turn around and sell the items on eBay.

"I bought about 50 items. The most unusual item was the knee pads. I've never had to resale knee pads before," said Joe Goldstein, a buyer.

It appears the government will have to use these outlets for seized property for sometime to come.

"In a soft economy, when we are in a recession like this people are probably looking for ways of making money. So you might see an increase in crime all around the country," said Rick Levine, auctioneer.

There will be another auction in three months.

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