Abandoned dogs in desperate need of warmth

ACTON, Calif. To say Linda Blair loves dogs is an understatement. The Worldheart Foundation in Acton has 50 rescue dogs. During the blizzard-like snow storm this week, Linda panicked when she saw her dogs being buried by snow.

"The snow drifts, they were seven feet high, I couldn't get through a lot of the gates and I was really scared," Linda said.

With help Linda got 20 of her dogs into her warm home, and did what she could for the others left outdoors.

"I had one neighbor that lives up the hill, and they said, 'Can we walk over and help?' And I said, 'Please, I need help,' " Linda said.

Luckily, the dogs who remained outdoors survived the storm, but it was a close call. As for her shelter, according to Linda, it is a soggy mess and in need of repairs. Plus, Linda added, her dogs are shivering.

"Heaters ... I need heaters. I need help. I need a backup generator because the lights would go on and off," said Linda. "I am very lucky I didn't lose complete power. I am afraid because I think the weather is going to get harder. And when you have snow, then you have rain runoff. We don't have enough financial aid at all," said Linda.

Like other animal shelters damaged by the storm, the need for help is critical, Linda says.

"I am afraid we won't make it. And a lot of people don't realize that we need help and we need support," Linda said.

For Linda, the greatest holiday gift would be for people simply to give anything they can.

"It's a public foundation, anybody can help. I am a trustworthy name," Linda said.

Linda needs wood to repair the water-logged dog houses, blankets to cover dogs in freezing temps, among many other things. All of which are small gestures that would mean so much.

"Dogs are - in my opinion - angels. And, they are a gift to us," Linda said.

If you would like to help Linda and the WorldHeart Foundation, you may visit their Web site: www.lindablairworldheart.org

Or, you may bring donations to:
Rusty's Discount Pet Center
11672 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

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