School officials in trouble after sting

GRANADA HILLS, Calif. Los Angeles Unified School District officials have removed the principal, assistant principal and dean after one of them reportedly asked a 12-year-old student to buy marijuana from a 14-year-old student last week.

After the sale was complete, the administrators reported it to police, but it's a felony to ask a minor to buy drugs.

Parents and students at Porter Middle School said on Thursday the school administrators may have been trying to do the right thing, but went about it the wrong way.

"I'm glad LAUSD pulled the people in charge because they were obviously really, like, thought they were on an episode of '21 Jump Street' or something," said parent Lisa Poggi. "It's ridiculous, I can't believe they did that."

Poggi said the letter sent home to parents on Monday informing them of officials being reassigned didn't mention marijuana. She learned from TV news reports why the administrators were reassigned to other duties off campus.

Art Hovhannisyan, an 8th-grader at Porter, said the ousted school officials may have had good intentions. He said marijuana is a problem on campus, adding that students have easy access to it on campus.

The 14-year-old student in the botched sting has not been arrested, but police and parents want to know where he got the pot he sold.

An LAUSD spokesman said the officials could be fired. The police investigation is ongoing, but the district attorney has not filed any charges.

The school administrators could face charges of child endangerment and using a minor to transport narcotics.



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