Nonprofit charity burglarized on Easter

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. Kim Carter examined the damage done to the charity's main office Monday. The computer, the backup hard drive, and all of the charity's records are gone. The break-in has resulted in $15,000 in damages. The incident happened on Easter Sunday.

"I could not believe that somebody on Easter, on the day that, on Easter, would actually come in and rob me the way they did," said shelter founder Kim Carter.

Carter is the founder of Time for Change Foundation, a nonprofit foundation helping 65 women a year, women dealing with issues like homelessness and abuse.

"I'm defeated," said Carter. "I mean, they even took my chair. I mean, they wouldn't even let me have a seat to cry in."

They think the thief or thieves entered through the parking lot, broke through the window there and took what he or they needed. But because there are so many windows up and down the office building, the thought is it might have been an inside job.

"Am I a random victim? I don't think so, I mean, there's a lot of windows up and down, this row, for them to pick my window ... " said Carter.

Carter says the recession has made things tough enough. Donations are down and she fears this might be what brings the whole place down. It's a big concern for the women who stay here.

"This is so necessary for me. I can't, I don't know what I'm going to do if she does not, if she's not able to stay up and running," said Kai-Kai Klausell, who is seeking assistance at the shelter.

"They're upset, they're crying, they're wondering, are we going to shut down? What's going to happen? Because I basically I don't know, I don't know what's, I don't how to come back from this, I really don't," said Carter.

San Bernardino Police dusted for prints. They're trying to come up with a suspect but for Carter, the job is to keep this shelter up and running, and a number of people are depending on her.



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