'Transformers 2' premieres in Westwood

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is the sequel to the 2007 Megatron mega-blockbuster. The film's star guarantees a good time.

"I can promise you you will get your face blown to the back of your head," said actor Shia LaBeouf. "It's just, it's an anxiety attack. We're selling a thrill ride.

"This is the purest form of escapism-type of movies that make popcorn taste better," continued LaBeouf. "It's the best action movie you can buy tickets to."

"I'm going to eat popcorn," said co-star Megan Fox. "One hand full of popcorn and the other hand full of Reese's Pieces and you mix them together in your mouth."

And while Megan's snacking, she and her co-stars can watch all the mayhem unravel on screen.

"Come on, what do you want around this June, July? You've got to have a big crunchin' great movie," said Julie White.

"Things got to blow up," said Kevin Dunn.

"Things have got to blow up," said Julie.

"And I'm going to tell you right now, we're going to make the world dance, baby!" said actor Tyrese Gibson. "We're going to make 'em dance. My bow tie's straight. I got on my burgundy tonight for Optimus Prime. We're going to make the world dance, baby!"

And as fun as this movie premiere is for its stars, it's all pretty cool for proud moms, too.

"Everything he took on, he did with a passion. And when you have a passion about something, you succeed," said Bonnie Kemper, Josh Duhamel's mother.

The movie opens Wednesday.

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