Mountain lion spotted in Glendale hills

GLENDALE, Calif. Residents spotted the mountain lion at around 1 a.m. Tuesday near Cielito Drive and Deermont Road, above North Brand Boulevard.

Glendale resident Peng Chang has seen everything from deer, to bobcats, to coyotes in his backyard. But when he learned that a /*mountain lion*/ was spotted in his neighborhood, he was alarmed.

"I have a little dog and I'm living on a street where -- I was just reading in the newspapers this morning -- that there was a mountain lion spotted right on the street and the street next to me," said Chang.

Residents also reported seeing a mountain lion roaming the same neighborhood over the weekend.

"We see coyotes and deer all the time and we haven't had a problem, but mountain lions are a different issue," said Tigran Nalbandyan, another Glendale resident.

"Earlier this year we have had a number of mountain lion sightings in that general area, as well as the La Crescenta area. The reason why people are seeing more of the mountain lions is the drought we're experiencing right now," said Eric Grossman, a park ranger. "They are coming down looking for water. They're following the food chain, which are the deer and smaller animals which they eat. So they're going to follow the food chain."

When asked how dangerous the mountain lions are to humans, Grossman replied, "You need to be concerned about it. At this time we have never had any of them approach anybody. There have always been lion sightings. Lions basically don't interact very well with humans, so they stay away."

Authorities are offering the following safety tips:

  • Don't walk alone
  • Carry a stick
  • Carry keys to produce a jingling noise
  • Yell and make a commotion and if you are attacked

"People also believe that if they have a dog with them that that also adds a bit of protection. Actually dogs attract mountain lions more than it does from preventing them from coming around," said Grossman.

Authorities say if you spot a mountain lion and are in a safe space, such as your home, you should stay put and call 911 or the /*Pasadena Humane Society*/ at (626) 792-7151.

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