Search online for free movie tickets

LOS ANGELES Larry Laboe loves the movies.

"I probably go to the movies at least two times a week," said Laboe.

It's a habit that could really cost him if he was the kind of guy who always had to pay. But he's not. He knows the inside secrets on getting in for free, and he doesn't mean sneaking in, either.

"If you really try and you really want to you can go see a movie for free every week," said Laboe.

Want to know how? A simple search online can get you exactly the ticket you're looking for. Sites like or my list films offering free passes in dozens of cities.

"Generally most of them will have you put in a username and password," said DidYouKnow.LA host Susan Johnston. "Some of them have several pages but those pages are optional so just look for 'Skip This Step' so you can log on as quick as possible and get ready to find out where the screenings are."

If you're going to be in L.A. or New York, you can get in to see a live taping of one of your favorite television shows by checking the Web site

"They'll tell you which TV shows, what time, what location," said Johnston.

Don't want to leave home? has hundreds of movies, both new and old, that you can log on to watch. Some have a fee, but if you look carefully, there are plenty of free ones, too.

"It's a great way to sort of discover new things. They categorize by what your tastes are," said Johnston.

And then there's OVGuide, the master list of all free programming that you can view on your laptop. From network shows to overseas programs to live video streaming, it's all posted on the screen so you can easily pick and click.

"It's a great way to scan quickly and see what you want," said Johnston.

Why do the movie companies offer free showings? It's an inexpensive form of market research where they can monitor the audience to see when they are reacting, if they are reacting, or if they're walking out of the theater. Then they can make tweaks before taking the movie to a national audience.

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