Tips to help you cut your printing costs

LOS ANGELES Eyewitness News teamed up with Consumer Reports to help you cut your /*printing costs*/.

Consumer Reports' tests show some printers cost a lot more to operate than others.

"We found some printers cost three times more to print an 8x10 photo and five times more to print [a] page of text," said Paul Reynolds of /*Consumer Reports*/.

No matter which printer you have, there are ways to cut costs, like setting to print in "fast" or "draft" mode to save ink.

Another helpful tip is to preview before printing so you can eliminate unwanted pages.

"It's especially important when you're printing Web pages, so you don't end up with a page with only a line or two on it," said Reynolds.

You'll also save on paper if you use a smaller font and set smaller margins to fit more on a page.

"Printing on both sides saves paper, too," said Reynolds.

With most printers that means looking under printer properties and clicking on "duplex printing." It prints every other page and then you reload the paper to print on the other side. But some printers make it a lot easier by printing on one side and then automatically retracting the paper to print on the back.

Another money-saving move is to recycle your empty ink cartridges and get a refund.

You can also save money by printing only the section you need on a document and refilling your printer cartridges.

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