LA residents uncertain about health care

LOS ANGELES The event was sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. Many of them getting screened don't have health insurance. Even people who already have coverage are concerned about reform legislation just passed by lawmakers in Washington.

"I think it's taken too long to get on this and to make sure that every single person has healthcare because if anyone doesn't' have healthcare, it applies to costs for all of us," said Seth Avery, a health care reform supporter.

"What they did last night when they were voting, that's part of it. Now, we just need the other part. It's better than nothing," said Rosie Caceres, another health care reform supporter.

High school student Mateo Villasenor worked as a volunteer at the event giving blood pressure screenings. He is excited about the possibility of making affordable health care coverage available to everyone.

"Especially the community that I live in, it's much under-served, so if that gets passed, it will benefit not only me but the entire community with friends, family. It'll be great to see it go through," said Villasenor.

People gathered at this festival applaud the action taken by the house, but they're now they're concerned about what will happen to the reform in the senate.

Some say that they'll be surprised if there is agreement on reform legislation by the end of the year.

"It s just doesn't sound like there's going to be much agreement on this, and if something does pass, it seems to me that it will be pretty watered down whatever comes out of this," said Gary Aramaki.

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