'Dancing' pros use different techniques

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES When it comes time for the different competitors on "Dancing With the Stars" to learn their routines each and every one of them have a different strategy.

"I have a certain way of learning and its through song. So he can teach me a step and I can't remember it the next day or the next minute, unless he sings it in song form to me," said "Dancing" competitor /*Mya*/. "I learn through music so he has to actually sit there and be my music teacher."

Some find that they are visual learners and it is easier for them to pick up the routine by watching themselves on tape.

"We usually tape the steps and Aaron takes it home," said pro dancer /*Karina Smirnoff*/.

While some of the pro dancers take more of a subtle approach to their teaching methods, others find brutal force gets the job done quicker.

"Kym's got a cane. I don't fool around anymore when I see the cane," said "Dancing" competitor /*Donny Osmond*/.

Kelly Osbourne and her partner /*Louis Van Amstel*/ take a more traditional approach to their rehearsals.

"Basically we will learn the whole routine and after we put it into sections we'll do one section ten times until I do it ten times in a row without making one mistake," said "Dancing" competitor /*Kelly Osbourne*/. "So that way when I make a mistake when were dancing I can get myself through that section."

Pro dancer /*Derek Hough*/ uses sound affects when he is teaching his partner Joanna Krupa a routine.

"The sounds I make I want the body to interpret," said Hough.

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