Rabid fans howl at the 'New Moon'

WESTWOOD, Calif. Thousands of fans, hundreds of reporters and photographers, dozens of cast members: The premiere of "New Moon" was a red carpet event.

"I think it will surprise and kind of delight people in ways that they would never really imagine," said "New Moon" star Robert Pattinson. "I think it's so different from the first one."

Pattinson is back as the vampire "Edward Cullen" in "New Moon," the sequel to "Twilight."

Kristen Stewart returns as his mortal love, "Bella." Stewart is learning a lot about the young woman she plays by talking about her role with journalists all around the globe.

"It's like, you get time to reflect on your character with sometimes 75 people in a day," said Stewart. "You have five-minute conversations."

When asked whether the cast spent more time making the movie or promoting it, actor Kellan Lutz replied: "Promoting this movie, big time, big time -- It's never-ending. I love it. I really do love it."

"I'm shocked by this experience," said actress Elizabeth Reaser. "I didn't anticipate any of this happening and so it freaks me out."

The "Twilight" experience extends to new actors this time around, including the guys who play the new werewolves, who are enjoying the moment.

"I have bought my first suit," said actor Chaske Spencer. "I am not a suit guy. I am a rock 'n' roll/jeans/cowboy boots kind of guy. Ripped jeans are the best. This is new to me."

"So many doors have opened for me and I've been travelling around the world and, you know, there are crazy fans. It's wild," said actor Brandon Pelletier.

That goes triple for Taylor Lautner, who plays the film's lead, "Jacob Black."

"I showed up to my care to 10,000 screaming fans. I wasn't really expecting it. ... It's just amazing to be here and have this kind of fan support behind us," said Lautner.

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