Are Tiger Woods, wife heading for divorce?

LOS ANGELES It has been three weeks since the /*Woods*/' car crash that set off a flurry of rumors and led to his own admission of infidelity.

Sources say she's not rushing to divorce, with new revelations almost every day. She allegedly wants to wait until everything gets out before she agrees to anything.

However, a source close to Nordegren told ABC Thursday that a "divorce is 100 percent on." With so much money involved, a divorce could be long and brutal.

"If Elin is out looking for a lawyer -- and I hear she's interviewing lawyers -- and she wants to go get a bulldog and someone who has a reputation for really fighting, then that's how the case will go," said attorney Dean Masserman.

There are reports Nordegren is talking to Los Angeles attorney Sorrell Trope, who's currently representing Dodgers owner Frank McCourt in his divorce. He also represented Britney Spears and Nicole Kidman.

Since Nordegren lives in Florida, the divorce will likely be filed there. In addition, adultery is relevant in Florida in a divorce. It is not relevant in California, which is a no fault state.

Masserman says a prenuptial agreement in this case probably won't even come into play.

"Tiger's going to want this to go away quickly and quietly. And if the prenup, for example, said in the event of divorce Elin gets a million dollars, he'll easily give her $50 million if that's going to make this case go away quietly. I don't know what the prenup says, nobody does," said Masserman.

What appeared to be a moving truck was spotted Tuesday in the driveway of the couple's Isleworth, Fla., home. The former Swedish model was also recently photographed pumping gas without her wedding ring.

As Tiger loses some endorsements, some say it is in Wood's best interest to end it as quickly as possible.

There are reports that Nordegren is planning to spend Christmas in Sweden without Woods. However, to she would need his permission to take their children out of the country.

She could file divorce papers after the holidays.

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