Popular fitness trends gain momentum for 2010

LOS ANGELES "I really think people are moving towards simple solutions and cost effective ways, because a lot of times the gym could be very expensive and very time consuming," said Jennifer Cohen, author of "No Gym Required."

Cohen wrote her book to get people working out where ever and whenever they can. Her motto is, "Mini bouts are better than no bouts at all," which is a concept shared by many health professionals.

"They're concerned about their finances they're concerned about their health and they want to make sure they're getting the most value," said Michelle Dozois, owner of BreakThru Fitness in Pasadena.

Dozois says group personal training is a big trend that keeps clients in the club and trainers busy with the price break of sharing a trainer, and everybody wins.

"I definitely see high intensity training which is hit training; its interval training," said Amy Dixon, creator of the DVD, "Give Me 10."

Dixon emphasizes that intensity is key, like trying trendy Tobata training.

"Tobata training is also a version of hit training. What this is, is you go 20 seconds as hard as you can, get a 10-second rest, you go again until you can't go anymore," described Dixon.

"Quicker workouts, I also see more men into yoga," said Kimberly Fowler of Yaz Studios.

Listen up gals. Fowler says male attendance in yoga classes is up from 30 for 40 percent.

We might be getting older, but we're certainly putting up a fight. More and more baby boomers are using personal trainers and taking age specific classes in order to stay healthy.

"People are concerned about their core strength and functional strength. I think women more than ever are doing more strength training," said Dozois.

"You can get anything you want on your iPod," said Dixon.

This is the year for fitness on the download. Spinning, kick boxing, dance, you name it can be sent right to iPod, phone or computer.

"Really, there's no excuse anymore. You can download something you want to do and workout," said Dixon.

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