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Rain much milder than last storm in Ventura

January 26, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The Ventura area got drenched by last week's storms, and they're hoping it won't be quite so bad this time. However, the dangerous surf problem in Ventura last week was not a problem a problem this week. The pier is back open, and surfers are in the water, but any folks who are expecting big rainfall in Ventura Tuesday have so far been disappointed.

There were all of the makings of a good storm. Gray skies, a big surf and deployed umbrellas. But one thing was missing.

"Not too much rain," said Ventura resident Rick Stark.

It drizzled throughout the day, and some people were prepared, but any kind of substantial rainfall has so far skirted Ventura, a place where there are few concerns of mudslides but a healthy appreciation for rain.

"If it rains more, that's better. Some kind of change in the weather. I mean, the sunshine everyday is great, but it's nice to have some sort of a change," said Anne Moot, another Ventura resident.

"Mostly we are glad to have the rain. We need all of the water," said Stark.

Stark was certainly geared up for a lot of water, believing it's better to be prepared than drenched.

However, Ventura surfers aren't even concerned with that.

"We're not suppose to go out, but I don't care," said surfer Gregory Gerritsen of Hollywood.

Contaminated runoff from rain can mean polluted water for surfers. Gerritsen said he was out on the waves for most of last week's storm, and he wasn't about to miss Tuesday's action.

"If you only surf on the days that it is good and it is not raining, you would only be surfing one or two days out of the month I think. When it is storming, you have to go out," said Gerritsen.

The prediction Tuesday is that Ventura will only see about a quarter inch of rain.