HS students lend a hand clearing mud, debris

SIERRA MADRE, Calif. Her house sits up against a steep hillside in Sierra Madre and every rain storm triggers a mudslide.

"The mud came and we have water and mud up against the back of the house," Mycroft said. "Everything is boarded up, water came into the house and the porch and mud everywhere."

On Saturday Mycroft had several helping hands. She is an administrator at Arroyo Pacific Academy in Arcadia.

Nearly two dozen students and teachers from the high school are helping her clear tons of dirt and debris from her property.

"I didn't know it would be this much," Pacific Academy student Audrey Ford said. "But I think it's good that we're helping out."

The students are taking a leadership class that requires them to complete ten hours of community service, but helping clear Mycroft's mud and mess was voluntary.

"The first thing that came to mind was helping her," Arroyo Pacific Academy student Jessica Harr said. "She's worked at our school for such a longtime, it comes to your head, yea okay I'll help I didn't think twice."

I was in tear this morning because this is just heartwarming," Mycroft said. "But I love these kids and they know it, they're my kids."

Thanks to the students, Mycroft feels that her home is in good shape for when the next storm rolls in.

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