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School burglars steal supplies, cook up dinner

February 22, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Police are searching for the burglars who broke into an Inglewood school, stole several computers and other equipment and helped themselves to the school food supply as well. It happened at St. Mary's Academy on Grace Avenue. About $25,000 worth of laptops and other electrical equipment was stolen from this all-girls Catholic school over the weekend. Police say this was a pretty strange crime because not only did the suspects get away with a lot of property, but they also decided to make a meal for themselves while they were there.

School officials at St. Mary's Academy could be seen speaking to detectives Monday after an unusual break-in on campus. Inglewood Police said several people snuck into the Catholic school over the weekend and stole at least 35 laptops. But that wasn't all the suspects did.

"The persons responsible for this broke into several of the classrooms, breaking the doors, breaking the locks," said Inglewood Police Lt. Oscar Serrano. "I guess this an unusual thing is that they decided to cook some food while they were there."

The food was taken from the school's cafeteria. Some of the items were even fried up, including corn dogs.

"That's a lot of nerve, you know, first of all, to take precious equipment used to educate students and then to take the liberty to take food, take time to cook, just kind of says something about an attitude and disposition," said Bishop Gregory Dickson, a neighboring business owner.

"I think it's just a sign of the times, it's what's going around us, all around, people are in a place where they need some assistance and they need all types of assistance," said Arna Fulcher, who works near the school. "So you know, they cook the food and yeah that's kind of bad, but you know maybe they were hungry."

Monday, school officials cancelled classes and turned away students as detectives investigated. Police said the suspects used bolt cutters to get into the gates and no alarm went off when they broke into at least 10 classrooms.

Police say it's obvious with the amount of food that was eaten, the suspects were in the school for quite some time.

"It is unusual but not extraordinarily out of the ordinary," said Serrano. "I mean, it happens from time to time."

Authorities are looking into whether this could have been an inside job.

Inglewood Police are asking for the public to help them track down these suspects. If you have any information you're asked to contact them at (888) 41-CRIME (888-412-7463).