Cancun murder victim's friends hold vigil

PALMS, Calif. On her 42nd birthday, Cancun authorities found her body dumped in a sewer near a posh resort, where she and her husband were vacationing.

It appeared that she had been strangled to death. Police in Mexico immediately arrested her husband, /*Bruce Beresford-Redman*/, who was a producer for several episodes of "Survivor" and "Pimp My Ride."

He was released from jail Friday due to lack of evidence, but at this point, he is not being allowed to leave Mexico.

Investigators say there appear to be some inconsistencies in Bruce's statements. According to authorities, Bruce said that he last saw his wife Monday morning as she was leaving the resort to go shopping, but hotel security officials say they never saw Monica leave. Also, the couple was heard arguing in their hotel room later that night.

Investigators also said that Bruce had scratches on his face and arms, and to add to the mystery, the electronic lock system on their hotel room door showed someone had opened and closed the door about a dozen times the night that witnesses heard the couple arguing.

Investigators are awaiting results of forensic evidence to move on with the case, but a lot of Monica's friends say they'll do whatever they can to make sure that justice will eventually be served.

"We hope the legal system won't let us down like many cases we've seen, that 10 years go by and nothing happens," said Monica Cintra, the victim's friend. "The Brazilian community, Monica's friends are very upset and we won't let this case be forgotten."

Bruce Beresford-Redman has not spoken to the media since news of his wife's death was made public. His parents, who live in Los Angeles, are maintaining their son's innocence and they currently have custody of the couple's two young children.

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