Dodgers security roughs up fan in online video

LOS ANGELES It's a picture that could mean a black eye for Dodger blue. Dodgers representatives say they're conducting a thorough investigation into a YouTube video showing stadium security guards roughing up a fan on opening day.

"Stop that recording please," says a security guard on video. A demand from a /*Dodger Stadium*/ security guard: Don't take video of this clash.

A video clip posted on YouTube does not explain what the fan did. It does illustrate Dodger security in action.

There is a code of conduct at the stadium. Stadium code states that those appearing intoxicated will be denied entry or will be subject to ejection.

And if there is a criminal infraction, the /*Los Angeles Police Department*/ takes over, whether the offender is a fan or a guard.

"What we would hope that they do, and which they they do in the vast, vast majority of the time is to use very good verbalization skills," said LAPD Captain Michael Murphy. "Most of these people have drank too much. You try to get to them and say, 'Hey, you are causing a problem here.'"

According to the YouTube videographer, the confrontation happened on opening day Tuesday. There was unprecedented security enforcement. Alcohol and tailgate parties in the parking lots were forbidden. It was that mixture that led to a fatal stabbing on last year's opening day.

Tuesday's crackdown led to 132 arrests.

As for tactics, security staff must carry a state security card license which requires minimal training.

Dodger officials contacted Thursday did not make anyone available to talk to Eyewitness News about the video.

But according to LAPD, the fan taken to the ground was never taken into police custody. And he has not filed a complaint that he was abused.

"Right now there is no crime report and there was no arrest," said Murphy. "So on either end, I got nothing."

In the Dodgers statement, the organization said isolated incidents are bound to happen, and that they're withholding judgment until they have a chance to talk to all the guards about what happened and why.

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