Review: 'Kick Ass' is funny and edgy

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES In "Kick-Ass," /*Aaron Johnson*/ plays a high school student -- a bit of a nerd. He decides, despite having no super powers, he's going to become a real-life hero.

When an incident is recorded and quickly becomes an Internet sensation, a star is born.

A couple of other super hero types join in and pump up the violence, going after a major crime boss and his entire operation.

There's been concern that it's too much for a young girl, but I say Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields came out just fine with tougher material. However, I do get the "creepiness" factor, but I laughed at the absurdity of that, too.

As a whole, this movie made me laugh out loud several times. And here's a great barometer for you. If the first minute bothers you, get up and leave. If you laugh or giggle, stay.

"Kick-Ass" does take a dark turn I didn't expect. So it's not all funny.

It also felt a little long. When I'm editing out scenes as I watch them, I know I'm starting to get restless.

Overall, it's funny, edgy and you might feel guilty laughing at some of it. I know I did.

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