Kate Gosselin's 'Dancing' days are over

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES Kate Gosselin and her partner, Tony Dovolani, spent the last five weeks at or almost at the bottom of the judges' leaderboard. But despite the low scores, viewers kept bringing them back -- until now.

"I learned that if you have fears in life, you can face them and attempt to conquer them," said Kate.

Kate danced through legal troubles -- her ex-husband is suing for primary custody of their eight children -- and through some very negative comments from the judges. With a steely resolve, she kept on going.

From her experience, Kate says she hopes her kids learn that determination and hard work pay off.

She also says she was honored to have been on the show.

"Every single person that I've met, from the hair and make-up girls to the stage managers to the producers, everybody has been wonderful and I'm in love with all of them," said Kate.

"Well, you're coming back for the finale so, you know, you're going to see these guys again and they're all going to stay in touch with you," said her partner Tony. "And that's the one thing about the 'Dancing With the Stars' family, that it never really goes away. Even if you want them to go away, sometimes they don't go away!"

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