Retailers prepare for Cash for Appliances day

LOS ANGELES The program is called /*Cash for Appliances*/ which is paid for with federal stimulus funding.

"You've got to jump on it right away. There's people waiting in line for it so you've got to get it while you can," said Bobbie Cassick.

Cassick is pre-shopping at Howard's Appliance Store in Torrance and she is not alone. The chain's director of stores says they're expecting big sales numbers and opening stores three hours early to accommodate shoppers.

"We've prepared our staff with training, we've prepared with inventory so we're ready to go," said Mike Sanchez, Howard's Appliance Store.

The program is modeled after last year's federally funded /*Cash for Clunkers*/ deal. Refrigerators get $200, washers get $100 and air conditioners get $50.

"I like it. Anytime you can get money for returning something old that you're no longer going to use is a good deal," said shopper Kim Edmond.

Many retailers such as /*Sears*/ are also offering sales of up to 30 percent. Throw in existing rebates from utility companies and the savings can really add up.

Because a $35 million Cash for Appliances program will likely run out of the money within the first few days, you'll want to act quickly, take delivery on your appliance as soon as possible and fill out the rebate forms completely.

"I would recommend that the customers come in early because remember, it is a first serve basis so once the money is finished, it is all gone," said Owen Roberts, Sears.

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