'The Back-up Plan' premieres in Westwood

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LOS ANGELES The comedy co stars Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin and features Jennifer Elise Cox, with Lopez portraying a woman whose romantic life unfolds "in reverse."

In "The Back-up Plan," Jennifer Lopez plays a successful single woman who decides to try in-vitro fertilization because she'd really like to have a baby and she doesn't have a man in her life.

As soon as she discovers she's pregnant, then she meets a guy who may be "the one."

"When I watched it, I was like, 'Wow, this is funny, and I care! This is good!' You know what I mean? OK, cool!" said Lopez.

"The Back-up Plan" marks Lopez's first film in four years, and she returns to the romantic comedy world, where she's had plenty of success in the past.

She also got to spend two weeks shooting the movie in New York, putting Jenny "back on the block."

"Yeah, it was great. I loved it," said Lopez. "And I loved working in New York because I don't get to go there as much. I mean, we have a house there but we go back and forth, and a lot of the business is out here or on the road. And, you know, so when we get to go back there and I can actually be there for a while working, it is like triple bonus for me."

As Lopez's belly grows on film, and birthing situations are more than discussed, well ...

"Anything that has to do with anything in the areas makes men a little bit uncomfortable unless it's, you know, for their pleasure, I guess," said Lopez. "Let's stop there."

"The Back-up Plan" is in theaters Friday.

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