Octomom unveils pet birth control banner

LA HABRA, Calif. Suleman unveiled a banner outside her home reading, "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom. Always Spay or Neuter," on Wednesday.

She is being paid $5,000 by PETA to display the sign in the front yard of her home in La Habra. The animal rights group is also throwing in a month's supply of veggie hot dogs and veggie burgers for Suleman and her 14 kids.

Suleman made a brief statement Wednesday morning.

"All of my children have a loving home, but the sad fact is there are not nearly enough good homes for eight million dogs and cats that enter shelters every year," said Suleman. "Half of these animals are euthanized because of the lack of good homes."

The 3-foot-by-4-foot plastic sign will remain in Suleman's yard until June. 9.

Suleman's octuplets, conceived by in vitro fertilization, were born in January 2009.

She has since struggled to pay her bills and was in danger of losing her home earlier this year. The man carrying the $450,000 loan said Suleman and her father failed to pay as promised.

Suleman then received an offer that could have solved her debt problems. The head of Vivid Entertainment presented a deal that would pay off her house entirely. Suleman declined the offer.

Her lawyer has since negotiated an extension on the $450,000 mortgage payment that had been due in March.

On her Web site viewers are invited to make donations of money or supplies.

PETA's payment will offset just a fraction of Suleman's bills. The basic monthly cost for feeding and housing her 14 children is $15,000, according to her attorney.

If that weren't enough, Suleman says her children want to expand the family.

"They want a dog," said Suleman. "I told them when they could have one when they are old enough to care for it."

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