Texas couple finds 7-foot alligator in pool

MISSOURI CITY, Texas "I said, 'We have an alligator in the pool', and it took about three times telling him before he believed me," said Jodie Morris of Missouri City, Texas.

After morris convinced her husband the gator was real, she called the sheriff. At first, she didn't realize how big the animal was.

"I misjudged it. I thought it was only about 4 feet long. When I called the sheriff and they asked me what size it was, I told them about 4 feet. And my husband called me back out here and he's like, 'You need to call them back. It's a little bigger,'" said morris.

The alligator measured 7 feet and 4 inches. A game warden tied up the animal and took him away.

The Morrises think the alligator may have come from a canal behind their property.

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